Pursuing The Rat Race Through Hackneyed Professions

Students who are at the edge of leaving school are very much keen in finding new job opportunities. Most of them have a blind spot when selecting professions in the job market. Under this circumstance, many students struggle to plan their future ahead starting from their Advanced Level Examination. The society holds false beliefs thinking that the best professions can be gained by following subject streams like science, mathematics and commerce. As a result all most all the students pursuit the trend regardless their capability to study the stream or not.
Meanwhile, this situation has resulted in two job categories in the current society as minor and major professions. So it is the general belief that doctors, engineers, lawyers, managers come under the major professions. If the society believes that these professions have more value, then what would happen to profession of masons, carpenters, plumbers, air conditioning installers, firemen, etc?
In case if an individual needs to fix a broken pipe. Who would he have to contact first? Doctors, lawyers can they even come close in fixing such a problem. With global warming and changing climate issues, the atmosphere invariably heats up in unexpected moments. So is it not obvious that you would need the help of air conditioning installers? It is inevitable that such professions that the society looks down upon also have more importance just like the major professions do.
What can measure the value and the importance of each profession?
Ostensibly, there is no scale to measure the vitality of each profession. In fact, it is a matter of societal opinions that devalue such important professions in the society. We can say that may be it is the wrong judgment that the society carries from generation to generation.
Under this circumstance, even at the present society a few people are influenced by this fact and demand for high professions in the field of job opportunities. But the rest who are unaffected still have a clear idea that all professions are equally important to any community. Be it a plumber, a doctor, a manager, a mason, they all should be treated in the same level. If none takes interest in following the so-called minor jobs, who knows what would happen in the future if there is no one to fix a broken pipe, or air conditioning service provider.
To begin with, the first generation was highly concerned about the employments at that time. It is they who believed that getting a high profession in the society would help them to climb the so-called social ladder. In the golden days, being a doctor, a lawyer was fact that one should be proud of. So this very belief was inculcated in the minds of the second generation and in the generations that were yet to come.