Decisions You Will Need To Make When Building Your First House

Building your first home is a very exciting experience and yet it can also be a very stressful and daunting task. There are hundreds of decisions that you will need to make during this time and it is important that you make the right decision as the choice you make will impact the rest of your life. Now, during this time, there is no doubt that you will be on a very tight budget, however, there are certain decisions that you will need to make that you cannot compromise on while there are others that you can compromise on quite a bit. For example, if your builder was to ask you whether you want one brick or two brick thick walls, although one brick would be the cheaper option, it is important that you choose the two brick option because choosing the former over the latter could mean that you start to have cracks in your walls in a few years and then it will be too late to change your mind. 

Beware of the advice you get from builders

While it is entirely possible that you might meet a very nice and honest builder, it is vital that you remember that, in most cases, these builders will try to convince you to do something for your house that will benefit them financially but may not be the best choice for your house. There are decisions that you can make to lower the cost significantly that will not affect your house, its structure and its strength of course. For example, instead of choosing to have a fully tiled house, you may choose to have a cement floor that has had Brisbane abrasive blasting done on it to smoothen it out making it look rather sleek and gorgeous, even on a tight budget.

You will be surprised to know that most big hotels today are opting for cement flooring instead of tiled flooring. While it is far cheaper to have cement flooring that has had abrasive blasting done, it also looks elegant and grand. Therefore it is being in seen in the architectural world that tiles are becoming a thing of the past. Visit this link to find out more blasting service.

You will also need to make decisions on what brands of cement and sand you are going to use in the building process. When making this decision, it is important for you to get expert professional advice because you may not get the best brand advice from a builder. After you have made the decision of brand, you will need to make sure that this is the same brand that is being used because more often than not, it is seen that house owners will be charged for an expensive brand but a cheaper brand will be used instead with the middle man pocketing the extra money.