Techniques Used By Humans For Protection

Back in the days of cavemen; rocks, fire, branches and other natural resources were used to fight or scare away predators. Later on, orphaned wolf puppies were rescued and taken care of and domesticated to be used for protection from wild animals and for hunting. As time passed by, with the start of kingdoms, a moat was made around castles as a defending mechanism. From the start of the industrial evolution, security guards were put in duty for the protection of people and property. You might be surprised to know that the start of home security systems date back to the 1850’s. After the invention of electricity, instead of moats, home security systems widely came to use.

Ways to keep your house protected

It can be a real headache knowing that your home and valuables aren’t safe when going on a weekend getaway or on vacation. Before you leaveIt’sock up your valuables, jewelry, important documents in a fire proof safe. Showing off that you’re at home while you’re not at home  is a tricky way of keeping the burglars away; use light switch timers to turn on the lights at a certain time period inside your house and in the yard. Leave your curtains and shades as you normally do. Lock all the exterior doors, garage roller doors and  windows and it would be better to use a thick cylinder lock for extra safety. It’s best to tell your trusted neighbours to look after your home while you’re a away and always be kind to do the same favour back to your neighbours. Do not tell anyone that you won’t be home, don’t post in any social media as it will let everyone know. It’s never a waste to invest on a alarm system for ensured safety.

Things to consider when leaving for vacation

Tell your trusted neighbours to collect your mails, packages or put a hold to them and collect them once you get back. Leave your pets at a kennel stay or give them to your friends to take good care of your pets while you’re away. Don’t forget to pay all your bills before you leave. Buy all the necessary medication for your first aid box and take it with you just in case of an emergency.

If you’re having a lawn, make sure that you make arrangements to get the lawn trimmed on time. If you’re leaving for winter, make sure that the thermostat is set up to a right temperature so that the pipe lines doesn’t get frozen which will give you extra trouble when you arrive. Inform your bank that you’re leaving since you’ll be using your credit card out of town. Turn off the water supplies to your washing machine, dish washers, toilets, etc. and unplug all the electrical appliances such as PCs, TVs, etc.