Upholstery Cleaning Is Needed For A Healthy Life

Upholstery cleaning is very important from health and cleanness point of view. This not only makes the upholstery furniture germ free, but also prolongs the life of the furniture. A regular cleaning can save lot of your energy and efforts in long run. This can be done in 15 minutes time to make the furniture fresh. The things that you will need here is gentle clear dish soap, white cloths, a can of compressed air, a horsehair upholstery brush and a bucket of water. There are various kinds of compressed air and dish soaps available in market today. These materials are enough for general cleaning but if there are stains then you will need other cleaning agents like some soil release agents and carpet and dry rug cleaners.

There are varieties of them available today. Just need to check which one you would prefer to use the chemical based or herbal based treatment. If the piece of furniture that you intent to clean is expensive it is suggested that you don’t try it alone. It will be better if you take a professional help or suggestion of upholstery cleaners before doing it so that you don’t end up spoiling your beautiful piece of furniture with hard chemicals.

To start the cleaning does suction with vacuum, do it for 5 minutes that will be sufficient. Use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner and with long overlapping strokes clean the furniture right to left. If the material is delicate like Lenin or silk use slow suction as the fast one can damage the furniture. This suction process will clear up the dirt from the furniture. To save the suction handle from hard materials like coin it’s suggested to cover the nozzle with light cloth. You can ask the professional upholstery cleaners in Adelaide for any suggestions.

Do suction everywhere including cushions and seams. They use the compressed air to blow up the rest of dirt from buttons to tufting. Take cotton a cloth applies some stain removing solution and apply on stains and rub the area gently. Then clean it dry. Do not use silicone based cleaners as this will close the pores of the clothes. Now make a soapy solution with half tablespoon of soap cleaning agent. Make lot of fog. Now dip the soft upholstery brush in suds and then rub the surface of the upholstery furniture and rub and clean it. Do not make the furniture too wet. Clean wipe with damp cotton cloth. Let one side of the furniture dry properly before you start with the other one. Keep the cushions for the last.