Make Your Clothes Clean With No Odor

Tired of getting the same detergent from the supermarket and then ending up with flowery smelling clothes or a weird smell after too many cycles in the washing machine or dryer? One of the solutions for this problem is going for your own detergent powder or detergent tabs. So here are some recipes for you try out to fix up the perfect custom made recipe for yourself to get yourself chemical, dye, odor and irritant free detergent.
Generally speaking laundry soap is different drastically from detergent due to its make up. Soap usually has fats, oils with an alkali or a base added to it to get the soapy texture. Usually olive oil and coconut oils along with lye and water as a base is used. But detergents are synthetic and usually dissolve in water whether cold or hot. So from the two, soap is the more natural one for those who prefer organic items. So even if your clothes are from the laundry chute or the basket, using soaps are more preferable.
The main ingredients for a detergent is borax; which is a naturally occurring mineral and you can buy them online, washing soda which is also called soda ash and is the main helper in taking out oils and stains from clothes and grated bar soap which can be handmade for higher organic levels.
Step 1: Grate the soap bar, whether handmade or bought from an organic store, using a hand grater or a food processor in your home. Make sure it has been grated into fine powder as the smaller these pieces are the easier it dissolves in water.
Step 2: Add in the washing soda and borax; make sure to use gloves when you are doing this steps as these ingredients dry out skin fast. Do this step carefully as the three ingredients must be mixed together slowly.
Step 3: Putting in the oils. If you want some aromatic oils or any other essential oil you would like to have in your detergent, take this step to put them into the mixture.
Step 4: Store in an air-tight glass jar for future usage. Adding around one to two tablespoons per load into your washing machine is better as it will take care of the stains and residues on clothes.
One thing to keep in mind if you are using a laundry chute in your house is to regularly check it to make sure that there are no stains in it. Some stains could actually come from your handling of worn clothes. Know more at