Broken Water Pipe In Your Home

A home owner’s worst nightmare is walking in to their home to find it flooded with water from a broken pipe.  Water from broken pipes can be more than just a mere inconvenience as it may enter our electrical circuits causing us to lose valuable electrical equipment and  further causing danger to the lives of those who live in the house. While panicking may be the first reaction of a home owner who has been faced with a water leakage and flooding situation, it is important to remain calm.

Calling for help
Your first move would be to find the source of the leak and bind it with as a thick piece of cloth to reduce the leakage. You may use cloth, binding tape or polythene bags to bind it as tight as possible. When you have succeeded in reducing the leakage to a minimum do a thorough search on the internet for best emergency plumber Perth who will be able to visit your home at short notice. You may not easily find a plumber who will be able to come to your home immediately however it is important to keep trying. During this process it is vital that you remember not to touch any electrical equipment in your house. Even your house lights may have electricity in them.

While you are waiting for your emergency hot water replacement to arrive, go outside and switch off the electrical mains leading to your house and contact an electrician immediately, although you may not immediately realize it, your electrical emergency is far greater than your plumbing emergency at this point in time. There have been known cases of entire houses including walls becoming filled with electricity due to dampness and this can cause instant death. If your plumber has informed you that he may take a while to come to your house, attempt to find out where the water mains enter your home. A quick search is likely to reveal to water supply mains where you will find a switch where you will be able to switch off water to your house entirely. If you are successful in doing this, you are in luck as you would have temporarily solved you issue until your plumber arrives. You can then proceed to push out the water out of your home and dry you home. If however, you were unable to close the mains, you will need to work harder to control the water from the leak. A piece of rubber may be more effective than the piece of cloth at halting the leak for a longer period of time.